Burning Incense Use


  • Myrrh – Myrrh has been used for protection since ancient times and is one of the gifts given to Baby Jesus by the Three Wise Men in the Holy Bible.
  • Sandalwood – Sandalwood is a classic scent that has traditionally been associated with meditation and spiritual insight.
  • Lavender – Lavender is associated with cleansing and is said to help induce sleep. An excellent herb to burn when suffering from insomnia.
  • Frankincense – Frankincense is well-known due to its inclusion within the Holy Bible. It also provides spiritual insight and has been important to many cultures in the East.
  • Jasmine – Jasmine is considered a ‘lucky’ plant and is also used for wisdom and astral projection.

20 sticks – $6

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Myrrh, Sandalwood, Lavender, Frankincense, Jasmine


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