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We take pride in serving residents and families in the greater Atlanta area. Our goal is to make a difference in individual lives by assisting you to keep your loved one safe at home, where they can still prosper in day to day living.

Our company is composed of professional personnel able to provide informational, preventative, and supportive care. If you seek care that not only deals with the disease or disorder at hand, always choose a company with a holistic approach.

about our owner

A company started on faith, compassion, grind, and glory. Working as a CNA from the age 18 to 21 in long term/ geriatric care areas. I knew I was born to be a Nurse with integrity. I set out and completed LPN school by the age of 21. I worked in dementia areas, Alzheimer’s units, provided wound care, some private duty nursing, and rehab areas. I was always the grey area thinker in the jobs I took on. I was always told you would be great at management, you’re a great leader. With proper prayer and prioritization, I went back to school for the third time at age 28 to obtain that goal. While in school my father fell ill in 2013. We were constantly at the hospital, doctors appointments, and pain clinics. When you’re on the receiving side of care in the hospital and home setting you look at things a lot differently.
The biggest thing I noticed was no one medically took into account his emotional, mental, and social well being during his sickness. Needless to say, he did transition home to Glory in 2014.

Once I finished college with my RN my main goal was to formulate a company that will provide this factor into the care of the person. I served in case management, rehab management, long term, acute care, supervisory positions, spinal injury home health, and medical surgical positions for 4 years to obtain the knowledge I bring to this company. I hope this paints a picture of the root of this growing tree.

Regards, Ms. Holifield, RN



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